Do you remember your first day of work? Regardless of if it was five days or twenty years ago, it is likely that you will recall feeling a sense of eagerness to perform well at your new job. It is that drive that you will need to reclaim if you are to become an indispensable asset to your boss and the company.   Here are the pivotal times to prove your worth to your

When the guy wire on the Drop Tower amusement ride snaps just five yards in front of you it sounds like a freshly-oiled bullwhip singing the tune of a quick gust through a wind tunnel. You watch with a half-eaten bratwurst poised before your lips as the tower jerks over, sending a few park-goers plummeting a thousand feet, into a nearby field. A child's scream makes you look to the ride's queued customers. You notice

There is a reason that buildings are required by law to have a maximum occupancy. Those reasons might not include the social anxiety that goes along with having a large crowd confined to a single room, but it probably should. Having to speak with people that you don't know can be terrifying, even if you are, by nature, an extrovert. But if you are one of the many people that are less than in your element

Networking is not easy. Not only do you need to keep an inventory of who you know, you also need to put effort into maintaining those relationships. Like plants, your business relationships require nourishment to become stronger. Here's just a few key characteristics of a smart networker: Understand that people are not merely a means to an end. Once you have figured out their career aspirations, you should strive to check in with them once

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